Home Vision Bios

Offering a refreshing perspective on creating communities that meet the varied lifestyle needs of homebuyers today, Jolly Development has successfully played an integral part in the ever-changing landscape of Atlanta. Additionally, each new project offers an opportunity to develop something enduring for the surrounding community.

Knowing the direction of the home-buying trends of tomorrow puts Jolly Development in an enviable position of being in the right place at the right time. Over 30 years of experience in understanding the motivation of buyers keeps this company constantly looking at land positions in unique locations combined with architectual styles that meet the needs of tomorrows’ homeowners.

The ability to create lasting relationships with neighborhood associations, banking experts and county officials is founded in Jolly’s commitment to “do what we say we’re going to do.” Credibility and integrity are at the heart of this company.

Jolly Development has proven it’s strategic and adaptable nature by its dedication to working with the land, not just on it.

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